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Nacho Chip Warmer
Nacho Chip Warmer Nacho Chip Warmer Nacho Chip Warmer Nacho Chip Warmer

Nacho Chip Warmer


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Of course you can buy a bag of chips and dump them in a bowl. But it’s a party and you want to impress your guests. Imagine serving perfectly warmed chips with hot cheese to dip or go for the gold and pour it right on top! This nacho warmer rental will do just that. Please be aware that this machine will not warm the chips like an oven will. The purpose of this nacho warmer rental is to display the chips. It does have a heating element on the bottom of the display case. Therefor the chips at the bottom of the case will be the warmest. This chips at the top of the case generally will not be warm. The nacho warmer is designed to serve the chips from the bottom. The case will hold a couple of large bags of chips. Please note that chips are not included with your nacho warmer rental. 

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